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Which Tile Should We Build Next?

Tiles are the street parts that randomly spawn during a race and can be placed by the builder.

This is e.g. our Boost-Tile:

This is our windmill-tile:

We are going to integrate new tiles in the next few days/weeks and want to know which one you'd like most, simply post them here and vote for those you like or dislike! :)

If we integrate your tile idea, you'll get two copies of our games (ChromaGun and Can't Drive This) for free and will be mentioned in the credits of Can't Drive This!

Ring of Fire - you could get bonus points when flying through that

(as soon as we have a point system :))

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One of those hot wheels loops

A Double Curve:

An slippery Ice-Tile wheeeeh doh it's frozen

an old wooden bridge which screenshakes/rumbles the screen when used

Chain Bridge

Here's another one:

An electro-magnet, hanging above the road, pulling the car up once it drives under it. Since the car has no contact to the road anymore it slows down, so the driver has to be careful to boost with enough speed into it to make it through.

A colorful see-saw tile.

I got it, the most cooliest tile ever, the chromagun tile, it's kinda like the Water tile but instead of the screen going blurry and full of water the screen gets covered with the Blue, Red and Yellow colors, maybe blur it a bit idk but i think that tile would be pretty cool :)

Single-use tile. Crumbles away into the ocean after one use.

A spiral/staircase tile where the car climbs up and has an opening out the top.

Confetti  blower tile that blows confetti in your screen and makes a clown horn noise. YAY!

A door to slam through which might make seeing what comes next a little tricky.


Minefield )

remember, all it takes, is a press release

A tile that inverts the controls would be pretty sick I think.


Bomb tile, it looks similar to the dinner bell tile except theres a bomb in the center. This bomb will explode on contact and send you flying further than the bell would. Plus it would look super cool

As suggested earlier on Reddit:

A rotating platform that deviates the car from where it wants to drive, so the driver has to counter the rotation.

P.S.: the input box doesn't work in IE, it's disabled and nothing can be entered. (yes, there IS people using IE ;-))

A drain: A tile with water rotating and falling into the hole at the center. It's basically a funnel that slowly drifts the car to the centre.

A Bumpy tile that shakes the car around.

A Jack in the box themed tile. Basically, there are multiple panels on the ground and after the song is ends, the ones with Stars on them have a clown head pop out throwing the car into the sky.

A Glider tile that adds a pair of wings to your vehicle and boosts it into the air so you can fly for a few seconds

Penguins in random formations that become ragdolls when you hit them with your car XD

A Tile with a Fan on one side that can either blow you away or push you in the other direction ;3

A tile that randomly inverts the controlls, let the car drive left when press D and right when press A to confuse the driver

"Ghost Tile" causes the car to get transparent to confuse Driver and Builder

"Don't drink and Drive"-Tile spawns drinks that distort the Drivers view or make the controls vague.

a big tile covering 4 normal tiles. you could put for example the upward spiral there.

a spinning fan that'll push you forward if you land on the right or push you backwards if you land on the left

A Bouncy Slime Tile that'll help you traverse long distances if you land on it after boosting off a ramp tile

Tile spiked at 1 of 5 random places (like a quincunx arrangement) that would puncture one of the tires, making the vehicle less controllable with it leaning towards the side that punctured. This tile will affect the RNG and force another tile after 2 or 3 turns that will fix the punctured tire.

I'd love to see a Looping-Tile :D

The gate tile: It will open every side for a certain time, so you have to wait, till the gate is open. There are never two gates open at the same time, just to fuck you up.

The random-tile: This tile changes it's type in random intervals.

For example: It's a normal tile for 5 Seconds and then changes itself into a curve. And changes back after 7 sec or so.

How about different ground textures, say dirt or ice, with different traction and all that fun? Also, any chance for more verticality, or is that out of the question with the way your grid is generated without rewriting that part?

A cannon tile with an opening on the back that closes and explodes launching the car. It throws the car 2 tiles forward so the builder has to overcorrect.

Spring loaded trap tile that launches you in the direction the tile is facing. Boing!

A weird gravity switcher tile, it will toggle the car's gravity to be upside down or sideways, or maybe the car could stick to it just like in Mario Kart 8.

As promised, get three suggestions from me (thanks for the free key!) :)

  • an upside-down tile (changing the way the car runs/flies), and the controls

  • a tile with conveyor belts running left or right (pushing the car to this direction)

  • a grandma house tile, where you automatically pick up your grandma (you could depict this somehow, maybe by a wig at the car window flying in the wind), which automatically makes you go slooow, i.e. 55 miles

And some more:

  • a gas station or mechanics tile where you can boost your car

  • a biblical tile with waves going left and then back right or vice versa; you could only drive on the bare sea floor which shifts with the waves

  • a zooming tile, making your car shrink or grow like 4 times its size - an effect that wears off after the next tile, but the next time might be quite hard due to this: long distance if you are small, or hard to maneouver

Annoying spinning turntables to try and speed over witohut getting too disorientated.

"Mud-Tile" reduces the view of the driver after driving across it by mud splashs.

"Spin-Off"-Tile randomly spawns Worker Drones from Chromagun that slows the car on hit.

A circle tile, like a lazy susan. Except not so lazy

Flipper-fingers, like in Pinball machines, Going up and down by them self. Block the way and can be used to boost.

Speed Camera tile, blinds the driver shortly if he drives to fast or slow

"Tempo Limit" tile: Player has to drive faster to not explode. Forcing players to not drive to slow the whole time.

Different types of buffs you can pick up or a pre-picked talent - should only work a certain amount of time or be powered up slowly as you progress. One that makes you corporeal so you can fly through objects/walls, like windmill wings and the bell and whatnot, but not ground. One that makes it possible to timewarp. You keep your speed, but time is slowed down. One that makes it possible to get one or more extra blocks for your builder in case he runs out. One that makes you able to get a small air boost in case you drive off edge and need to get up to level with blocks again.

In general, go so that people can individually use their abilities to get the best highscores, or if you add PVP, some kind og mario kart elements of sorts like a "rocket barrage" on the other place or "oil dump" on the blocks or force the opponent builder to get shitty blocks like water and windmills for the next 3 blocks..

Just some quick thoughts, hope you can use some of it :)

Civilian Tile, basically a tile filled with people just walking around that'll turn into ragdolls the second you hit them :3

An empty corridor, and then the walls start closing in giving the driver even more pressure.

If the car got stuck the tile will sink into the ocean.

Some good suggestions here already! How about a tunnel (potentially with a crossroad on top so you can re-use it)?

A pirate ship deck tile which swings around on the water. And barrels fall from the sides.

TIle that bobs up in down in the water and rocks like you're on a boat

A woodden bridge, wich would fall while you are going throught (just like in the movies)

invisible tile (no walls, just straight forward)

An invisible tile. You think there isn't anything, but there is something. But you never know which type the tile is of.

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