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Pixel Breeders is a Twitch Extention for Streamers, which gives viewers a bonus for subscribing to channels. As partner you'll receive your own "Pixel" - everybody who now subs your channel will receive a version of this pixel. Viewer can collect these pixel and breed them, even with pixels from other channels.
Through this mechanic gazillions of collectable pixels are created. The above example e.g. shows a breed between our own channel "pixel_maniacs" and the channel "electrinchen".

As soon as Pixel Breeders is completed, you will receive access to the Pixel Breeders server, an OBS overlay and more neat features.

Pixel Breeders is currently in development. We're streaming the development live on our channel: If you have any ideas, just visit us in our stream and tell us! If you register during the development, you might be able to watch us creating your custom pixel live on the channel.
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