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Meet "Can't Drive This"

Remember the fun you had, building race tracks for your Matchbox toy cars to instantly race them? Can’t Drive This lets you relive those good old memories by letting you sink into a fresh gaming experience, where you race a track another person is building on the fly.

In Can’t Drive This one player races a track while another is building it simultaneously. The track creator gets randomized track parts – we call them tiles – and has to connect them in a way that enables the driver to stay on the race track as long a possible. Building a track has a Tetris-like feeling to it: The creator has to use the randomized parts and connect them instantly in the most clever way possible.

Those parts can be curves, crossroads, obstacles, boosts and many more.

At first everything seems to be easy but once the going gets tough, it takes good reactions and planning skills in order to last as long as possible. By the way: You can play offline as well as online across PC, Mac and Linux. Oh... and there will be a versus mode too, so you can have some fun with building obstacle plastered tracks for your friends, annoy them with impossible track layouts and give in to your inner multiplayer devil.

The game will be available via Steam Early Access soon and feature all the stuff mentioned above, plus customizable tiles:

And that's not all! We have a lot more for you to come, such as customizable textures for cars, antennas a wider variety of tiles and new environments. We’ll make sure to keep an ear on the Can’t Drive This tracks and listen to the community in order to provide a fun and enjoyable experience.

What more can we say? Right now we are busy refining some of the game modes, polishing the looks, overhauling the main menu and adding custom vehicles. Also Online Multiplayer is close to completion. Right now we are working on making the whole thing safe, to ensure you get a silky-smooth gaming experience over the interweb.

Get in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, if you have questions or requests and keep yourself updated via social media or our website!

Pixel Maniacs out!