Can't Drive This

One player drives, the other one builds the track!

Can't Drive This is a local/online Co-op Racing Platformer (whatever you want to call it). One player drives WHILE the other builds the racing track. Spoiler alert: The car explodes if you go too slow!

It offers dozens of obstacles, customization features and stunt controls for the best, funny, chaotic, most individual, entertaining gaming experience. You'll scream and shout a lot, that's a promise :)

Choose between game modes like Yardage, where the goal is to go straight ahead as far as you can make it.

In Game of Drones, you are in a finite square stage, and have to collect all holos to complete a level. But beware the drone – it haunts you and drops EMP mines that temporarily disable your controls when you drive too close.

And last but not least there is Capture the Egg, a classic round of good ol' Capture the Flag. But instead of people, there are Monster Trucks. And instead of Flags, there are 600 POUND CONCRETE EGGS!

Originally created in just 72 hours during Ludum Dare 35, the game got greenlit within a week. It is available as an early access version on Steam and we're constantly adding new features and fixes.

Funded by FFF Bayern