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ChromaGun Speedrun Roundup

Dear fellow Pixels,

After one month of breathless excitement, ChromaGun Speedrun Challenge finally ended on May 31. We have seen tons of amazing speedruns and had loads of fun, interacting with you on Twitch and YouTube. It really makes us happy to see how much all of you enjoyed the game and didn’t just play it for the money. We received waves of positive feedback as well as suggestions for improvements and new features for the game. We are really impressed by the enthusiasm and love you showed us.

We also found a massive amount of videos, both on Twitch and YouTube, which showed skilled players that beat the game unbelievably quick. We really didn’t expect the game could be beat under one hour but you proved us wrong and some of you even did it in less than half an hour!

But although we are really pleased by the outcome, we have to admit that there was room for improvement with the way we communicated and set the rules for the speedrun. Initially we didn’t mention that we’d like to see speedruns, that don’t rely on glitches found in the game. After the speedrun challenge ended, we had indeed two submissions that used glitches and allowed the speedrunners to beat the game in 12:52 (Norferzllo on YouTube) and 13:07 (Lo1ts on Twitch).

Originally we dismissed them from the challenge, which was a mistake. This decision ignored the fact that we did not ask for a clean speedrun, so it was 100% our fault. After realizing that we messed up, we contacted the two guys and had constructive talks via Skype with them. We think we found a solution that made everybody happy and are very thankful that both understood that we didn’t want to offend the speedrun community or diminish their achievements. In fact were quite impressed by their skills! Guys, you did awesome and the glitches were amazing finds! Hats off!

We started the challenge with the best intentions but we should have been more precise concerning the rules. Next time we will pay more attention to this. Promise! Thanks to all of you for understanding and we are glad, that we found a solution.

That being said: It was an awesome event that showed us how great the video game community is. A huge thank you to all the participants! You did an awesome job, hands down! We will be back with another competition again sooner or later. Our next game “Can’t Drive This” will be very competitive and we hope to see everyone again. Maybe there’s something cooking...

Pixel Maniacs out! Peace!