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Fanlove and Colorblind Mode

We are very pleased about ChromaGun's success and it's awesome to see, that people are still enjoying the game on Twitch and YouTube frequently and don't hesitate writing us emails with feedback and ideas they have for ChromaGun.

As you might know we are currently working on our next game, "Can't Drive This", which is making good progress and will be available on Steam Early Access soon. But that doesn't mean that we don't show love for ChromaGun anymore. In our latest updates we included bugfixes and added Chinese subtitles! So if you want to boost your Chinese, feel free to give the game a new try with 简化字!

But there is more! We added a special option for colorblind players! We were impressed by colorblind gamedev gonelf's let's play of ChromaGun, which inspired us to add this assistance for colorblind gamers. Watch him playing the original version and having a very hard time with it right here:

Now you might understand that adding the stuff below this paragraph to the game would make ChromaGun far more accessible for him. We used the color system provided by coloradd, which proved to be very useful.

As stated above we are really thankful for your feedback, no matter how unimportant it might seem, it makes us better as developers and helps to create a better understanding what our fans and gamers in general need.

We are happy that gonelf posted his let's play and raised some awareness for the needs of colorblind gamers. Without him ChromaGun probably wouldn't have this feature by now!

Meet the Devs – Meet Schubladentrollin

Another highlight of the past weeks was the visit of twitch gamergirl Schubladentrollin, who played some Oculus Rift in our office while streaming the session live on her Twitch channel.

We already had a cameo on her channel a couple of weeks ago, when visiting her at home and this time was certainly not the last time we met. It's always a fresh experience to have fun with fans and supporters or listen to their ideas and experiences with our games. To make a short story even shorter: contact us, whenever you feel like you wanna do it. We have a social media team, that happily will answer all your questions and we speak quite a few languages here, even some Chinese as you might have learned by now.

We will provide you with new updates on Can't Drive This very soon! And if you didn't know: We have some social media game going on as well. So check our Facebook and our Twitter, Imgur and Giphy, as well as Instagram for all the latest Screens, Gifs and more of the good stuff that awaits you in the future.

So long,

Pixel Maniacs out!