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Streamers! Get Free Tickets for TwitchCon 2016!


Play our Game "ChromaGun" on your Stream, find this TwitchCon booth and win 2 of 10 Golden Tickets to the Chocolate Factory 3-Day-Tickets to TwitchCon 2016 in San Diego (We're giving away 5x2 Tickets):

Details / Rules

Our @stevecrse is going to be at TwitchCon this year and would like to beat you at our upcoming game "Can't Drive This":

You can check out "Can't Drive This" here:

As we'd like to meet as many of you as possible, we're giving away 5 pairs of 3 day-TwitchCon passes (10 tickets in total).

What you have to do to get them

1. Get ChromaGun

You can get ChromaGun on Steam at, or just ask us for a free key by sending a mail to

If you already have ChromaGun, make sure to update it to the most recent version!

2. Play ChromaGun on your stream and find this

No worries, it's only about 30-45 minutes into the game, so you won't have to beat it all the way to enter.

3. Tweet using #PixelManiacsTwitchCon

Let us know you found it! And make sure to add the part of the video where you are in the room above to your video history on Twitch or on Youtube, so we're able to verify you actually found the super-secret-winning-room! Make sure you only show the room and not the way to the room to keep the secret :)

Deadline is on Monday, September 19th 201611:59pm CET.

We will then pick 5 lucky winners using a quantum-powered super-random randomization super-generator*, to receive 2 tickets each.

The winners will be announced on Tuesday afternoon (CET).

Good Luck and have fun!

PS: Employees of Pixel Maniacs may not participate. Sorry, colleagues :)

*not technically true, except for the randomization part

Update #1, 14th of September:

If you don't have the chance to visit TwitchCon by yourself you can give away the tickets to viewers of your stream in case you win.

Update #2, 14th of September:

This is how it looks like if you find the room :)