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Can't Drive This: Update 19th of Sep, Build #165

We had sent out the first bunch of keys to streamers 3 days ago.

A couple of streamers have played Can't Drive This now, we've watched all of them and have noted everything that was mentioned as "improvable" :)

We've changed following major stuff in our latest update, it went live on the 19th of Sep at about 8 pm CET (for all of you who have a press-key)

The changes:

1) The difficulty

Not only the stream of German streamer @HirnsturzZockt showed us, that the difficulty of the game especially during your first round was way too high.

What we've done to improve that in the newest build:

Each tile now has a difficulty value from 1-10.

A straight tile is obviously easy to drive and therefore gets a rating of 1.

The bell and the windmill are quite annoying tiles and therefore have a rating of 7.

We are now increasing the probability of a complicated tile to spawn the more tiles that have already spawned in that current round.

The beginning of the game is way easier now, but after about ~600 points difficulty rapidly increases and gets to the difficulty it had before the update. This makes it way less frustrating, especially for players that haven't played it before.

Today's streams show that the plan has worked, I have the feeling that frustration levels were way lower than before.

2) Time to Explosion

As you might know, your car explodes if you get below 20 mph.

You had exactly 0.75 seconds before the latest update to get above the 20 mph limit again, a sound indicates that your car might explode.

We've increased that "time to explode" to 0.85 seconds. That doesn't sound much, but it does make a difference :)

3) The Bell

Almost every streamer hated the current version of the bell :)

The problem got reduced by point 1: The bell simply spawning later, but that wasn't enough.

The old bell was so big that it was hard to pass. We've now reduced the size by about 50%.

4) Racing

Streamers usually preferred the fast cars, from a viewer perspective it's also more fun watching them.

That's why we've added another even faster one:

5) Increased the view range of the builder

Some streamers told us that the builder should be able to have a larger view range, so we've implemented that:

6) Showing News at The Game Start

You might want to know what has changed since the last version, so we've integrated a fancy little news layer:

That's it for today, more Updates will follow! :)