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Can't Drive This Update 22th of Sep, Build #189

We ship another pile of updates within a week! How nice is that?

First of all, thanks to every streamer out there. Your feedback is an invaluable source for improvement.

Barrel Roll, Stunts and Yaw Steering

This is a big one: The first stunt features have landed! You can now show off with some barrel rolls and back flips when jumping, plus the yaw steering behavior now gives you even more control when landing.

Thanks jnkchris for the feedback on the new air controls :)

The first video shows the new features. The second shows the old/default behaviour:

Improved Collisions

Colliders have been overhauled, which in turn improves the overall performance, noticeably. Yeah, smooooooooother FPS for everyone!

HUD for Player Names

The name of each player is shown on the bottom edge of the in-game heads up display, so you know who's who.

Synced Customization

Previously the customization only applied locally. Now both players see exactly the same setup for all customizable features.

Updated Tiles and Graphics

The ramp with boost now has markers on its edge to better distinguish it from the flat boost tile in top down perspective.

The box/wall obstacle plays audio when you hit it and has new high res textures.

The speed bumps don't hurt so much now ;)

We've put some more love into environmental art.

The tile preview is now at the top edge of the screen. Thanks @Kaffeekind and slabstick for the suggestion!

Improved Networking

We could reduce connections failures and in case of a connection timeout we'll show you a nice message to let you know what happened.