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To Infinity, And Beyond! Build #191

Let's start this one off by saying Whoopsie!

Looks like there was a major oversight on our part, and somebody glitched their way to a global highscore of 55 Thousand points. That's 31 miles, almost double the circumference of the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland! Here's a video of how that happened:

Needless to say, we fixed that. How that happened, you wonder. Now, that's a great question! Basically, it was a combination of the vehicle's downforce being calculated incorrectly, and the vehicle being able to drive while lying on its roof. Both of these are no longer an issue. All we had to do is build a time machine, go back to the point in time where we coded that part, smack us in the head, and then travel back.*

Long story short: Happy glitch-free gaming!**

Fun fact: We successfully tried to reproduce that bug and scored a whopping 20 Million points! That's half way around the Earth!

*might not have actually happened