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Can't Drive This Build #216

Updates, updates, updates! We've improved a lot of little things again.

Consistent Tile Animations

Animation of moving parts does no longer reset on placement. This should improve your gaming experience quite a bit :)


A new game mode has arrived!

Until now the only mode available has been "Yardage" in which you have to drive straight ahead as far as you can make it.

In "Tilemania" you have a limited area in which you can place tiles and you can build/drive in any direction until you run out of space.

Each tile you touch gives you 10 points, and yes, we have a separate leaderboard for this game mode! :)

Private Match

We introduced private match making. You can create named lobbies, so only you and your friends (people who know the lobby name) can join in match making.

Improved Network Stack

Once again :)

Directly connecting to e.g. Unity Media failed for about 5%-10% of users. The problem got fixed by establishing the connection through a relay server.


Has somebody noticed the monstertruck had its tires flipped on one side?