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Connecting the world, Build #221

Hey fellow Can't Drive This addicts. Yes it is true, you are now able to play with your friends all around the world. This may cause some latency, when you are far away from each other, but will increase the thrill.

Nerdy details

Some streamers noticed they were not able to start an "intercontinental" match.

We had no idea what caused the problem until we read Unity is using three data centers for match making, which are isolated from each other. This means you have to connect to the same data center in order to match. One is in Europe, the other one in the USA and the third one in Singapore. By default Unity picks the data center closest to you, which is okay for random match making, in our case. For invitations or private matches you have to make sure to connect to the same data center.

We now use Steam invite to tell your match which data center to use.

Here's the Unity doc entry :

Physics improvements

We also were able to improve the physics performance by reducing and simplifying collision geometry.