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Snapshot: Dafuq Are We Doing?

I'd like to give you a short insight into our current projects in this post, to give you an idea of what's coming soon and which developer is doing what.

In alphabetical order, sorry Valerij:


ChromaGun Level Editor

You all asked for it, so here it comes: A custom map editor for ChromaGun, built right into the game. Chris is hard at work and this is what it currently looks like:


In-Game Role Switch for Can't Drive This

Ever wanted to switch roles while you're playing, without having to exit the session? Andi and Joe are on it! Hopefully, you'll soon be able to switch from driver to builder and vice versa with the click of a button.

Some parts of the network-code have to be touched for this heavily user-requested feature. Our network state machine already looks rather complicated (I have no idea what a state-machine is, I'm just writing down what my colleagues are feeding me 😬):


PS4 & XB1 Ports of ChromaGun

Martin is currently working on a code library that will allow us to speed up our PS4 and XB1 porting – for ChromaGun, as well as future projects. This makes sense, as we're definitely planning on bringing Can't Drive This to both consoles after ChromaGun.

Side-note: For me, the most awesome feature on consoles so far, is the light-bar on the PS4 controller, which is a perfect fit for our color-based ChromaGun, as the controller will light up in the color you've picked.


Clan Leaderboards in Can't Drive This

Steve is integrating a clan functionality into Can't Drive This. You'll be able to set your clan name (e.g. "maxundmoritz") and will subsequently automatically submit your scores into that clan's leaderboard, as well as into the global leaderboard.

Also, if you have a Twitch channel and start a clan with your channel's name, we'll automatically show your channel's artwork as the clan's thumbnail! Feelsgoodman

There will even be a leaderboard-leaderboard, where all clans will be ranked by the total score submitted to their leaderboards. We're thinking of starting a contest to get the highest total score submitted to your clan (which could be awesome for streamers, for example).


New Tiles for Can't Drive This

We have recently announced this awesome tool, that Chris created:

We've received over 100 ideas for cars and street tiles and are planning on integrating the top suggestions from that list ASAP. Valerij is currently integrating the highest-rated tile, the "Ring of Fire".

FYI: The list says I was the one to suggest the Ring of Fire. You might think, we created a public list for everybody to publish their ideas, and then picked one of our own ideas. That'd be lame! In fact, the idea actually came from a redditor, who didn't want to post it in our tool, so I did it for him/her. And you all rated it to #1, so here we are!

If all goes well, the new tile will be in next week's update!

That's it! Hope you liked this short insight into the ongoings at Pixel Maniacs. Until next time!