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Clans & Penguins, Build #247

Good news, everyone! You can now open your own Clan in Can't Drive This WHILE saving Penguins! Whaaaat?

Clan Leaderboards

We've added support for Clans and Clan Leaderboards!

In Settings, you can enter a Clan name to create or join a clan. Then, under Leaderboards, you can view the highscore lists for each separate clan! It's as simple as that! The leaderboards themselves are sorted by score – all the scores of all the players in the clan!

So let's say, you're a streamer on Twitch. Now, you can have your own custom leaderboard for you and your followers! Just enter your name (or whatever name you feel suits you), as the clan name. Done!

Save a penguin, name a penguin!

Remember how we recently added a Linux version of Can't Drive This? Well, we love penguins and we had an idea:

Until November 1, we'll donate the entire revenue of the Can't Drive This sales via Linux, to a penguin sanctuary in Cape Town. About 5-7 sales will save one penguin, and the main menu will display how many penguins have been saved by you, the players! Additionally, the penguins will be named after the top players in the "Penguin" clan's leaderboard! You can read more about our penguin initiative here:

Happy Penguin-Saving, everybody!