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Charity Project Completed: 18 Penguins Adopted ✓

2 weeks ago, we started a campaign for raising awareness of how easy it can be for game devs to build a linux version of their game.

We promised to donate 100% of the revenue we make through the linux version of our game in Oct to charity.

Here are the results:

  • we've made $757.40 in revenue, 100% of that has been donated

  • 18 penguins have been adopted from the linux sale revenue, you can see their digital counterparts happily walking around in the main menu of our game:

As we obviously need names for the adopted penguins we had announced that the penguins are going to be named after the top 18 players within our special penguin-ranklist.

The winners are:

Yes, there should now be a penguin named "PonyPunch" walking around somewhere:

Most of our collegues won't be happy to hear that we had to throw them out of the ranklist before picking the winners.

To avoid those "but I really want my own penguin" discussions and to save more penguins we've rounded the donation amount to $1,000.

For transparency reasons, here's the donation process to SANCCOB:

What's next?

The 18 winners are going to receive certificates of their penguins via mail, we will contact them via steam / twitter / whatever we find from them :)

The certificates will look like this one we had booked before this charity program:


Thanks a lot to everybody who has participated in this charity program, either through buying the linux version of our game, telling their linux friends about this or retweeting our penguin tweets :)

In case you want to help penguins and other seabirds, you can find a lot of information how you can help on the website of SANCCOB: