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Which Car Next?

Which car do you want us to integrate next?

We are going to integrate a new car in the next few days/weeks and want to know which one you'd like most, simply post them here and vote for those you like or dislike! :)

If we integrate your car idea, you'll get two copies of our games (ChromaGun and Can't Drive This) for free and will be mentioned in the credits of Can't Drive This!

Ice cream van with music playing

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I'd want some classics from Europe. Either the Citroën 2CV or the Volkswagen Käfer.

a Tractor! preferably a red one...

For a new car could we try a clown car? that'll have 5 ragdolls explode from inside when we blow up (onland)

Chariots =)

Please do some kind of collaboration with Psyonix and get some Rocket League cars in the game!  A Venom would be awesome!

To mess with the physics more because of the many obstacles, I'd go over either a smaller and light vehicle (motorcycle, kart) or a huge weird vehicle (some large truck, like tank truck, road train, or even a real train - even though it wouldn't make any sense to run outside rails).

Hovercraft. Or something like the dog car from dumb and dumber, if that's possible without copyright violation...

How about a Willys MB or a Batmobile?

A popcorn cart!

RC car with only the chassis and motor, no hull, covers or any other fancy shmancy - 'cause if the road aint finished, why should the car? ;-)

Bonus points: Car becomes more and more finished (i.e. missing parts attached) the further you progress, 'cause if you have a finished road you need a finished car.

Anything from classic car designer, George Barris, creator of the 1966 Batmobile.

i've read through this forum and found a couple of good ideas that were stated and I have a few ideas of my own so i made a list of cool cars that i think could be brought into the game

1. A lamborghini, it'd be pretty cool to drive around it this fancy car, maybe it could be an unlockable or something but what could make it different is it drives fast (not as fast as the race car) and makes a cool driving sound.

2. A Transport Truck, with this car it would go very slow (slower then the bus) and if it took a sharp turn their was a very high risk of it flipping over and exploding.

3. A RV, this car would go a bit faster then the bus but not to fast

4. And Finally a police car would be pretty cool, if you were to dive this it would go the speed of the truck, but you could press a button on the keyboard or something which could turn on sierns and maybe make the car go alittle bit faster

So that's my list of cars that I think would be cool in this game, I have a little side note though, maybe add some new Noses, Spoilers and patterns, their are a lot of options for these don't get me wrong but a few more wouldn't hurt :)

A RollerCoaster? (not a car but i think would be hilarious with the game physics)

Or an elemental car?

firecar spews fiery trails

icecar freezes nearby road and objects and shatters when u crash

plasmacar has cool particle effects

maybe a cheese car that drops cheese randomly as u drive?)

Make a car that goes in the opposite direction when you steer and drive. So turn left goes right, go forward goes backward, etc. It can be any model, really, but maybe try for something odd, like a normal car that's built to look backwards.

Shoe Car? Car-shoe?

An all around sports-car from the 80's-90's that evokes that 'outrun' style! Think like the Lamborghini Countach, Lotus Esprit, Ferrari Testarossa, etc.

Please add a hovercraft! :D That would be lovely~

Dr Seuss inspired car with randomized controls every 2 minutes that changes color each time it changes.

Food truck or fire truck

a limousine or a vw kombi (maybe for some it is called vw transporter, bus, kleinbus) ? :D

An actual horse perhaps?

A Hovercraft. It's an extra challenge

A soapbox car :P

I think that a Banana Car should be added. because bananas. It should be called "The Noizy Banana."


Something like a Japanese saloon like in the sideways sliding cars.

Big Haul Trucks used in mining

Bobby Car \o/

A Chromagun Worker Drone

Super Mario Turtleshell

Banana Mobil

Add a Llama with someone riding on it

how about a unicycle?

soap box car

A frickin' lambo!!!!


A solar-powered car. Protect your game's imaginary ozone layer and promote green energy!

Pod Racer \o/

a sport car like a lamborghini  ferrari or a subaru

Can we have the ability to submit our own skins for the cars? (like there'd be a texture document that we could use as a map and make our own skins)

A HotDog Car?

Transparent car - to troll the other player :D (hard mode?)

hi there, so i thought about some suggestions that might be useful in you game

1) create a changing environment ( for example waves from ocean around you could floor the road and because of that the car just drives more slowly ( or creating an icy surface that could help you just slide forward

2) use gun from the car ( can be missiles) to destroy the upcoming obstacles ( that must be added as i understand)

3) creating portal that transfer your car somewhere forward/ backward ( they are obstacles, if you drive in some this portal you car transfers forward/backward

I hope, that mby you could borrow some ideas from me, or my ideas could lead you to creating new ones from you! good luck with your game  and thanks :D

Hear me out here, Airplane! You can't fly it, you can only drive it though.

A Rubber Ducky

Can we make it so that we can swap the different wheels between each type of car that you have?

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