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Which Gadget Should We Build Next?

Which Gadget Should We Build Next?

Gadgets are optical customizations for your car to give it your own particular look.

We are constantly developing new Gadgets and ask for your ideas (Goofy and out of the box is allowed) :)

Just post them here and vote for those you like or dislike.

If we integrate your tile idea, you'll get two copies of our games (ChromaGun and Can't Drive This) for free and will be mentioned in the credits of Can't Drive This!

Monokel und Zylinder!

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Beer Can Hat ( hat&tbm=isch& )

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Googly Eyes


Rocket Engine

A big nose on top of a fierce retro mustache. But true perfection can be reached only with the addition of a smoking pipe and a monocle !

Fist smashing through the front window!

This is mainly for the bus, But I'm thinking a giant plastic ice cream cone on the top of the car.

Trumps elegant Hairstyle

An omnibus bus hat! :O

different braking tracks (e.g. footprints, dog paws, slime.....)

Big Mr. Potato Head ears on the side and a nose, hat and beard

A moustache hooked to glasses with a chain (make it moving if thats possible)

Troll face on the cars!!!

Fez and bowtie. Just like the 11th Doctor has it :D

Missile balloon; attached to car like in the picture; has "balloon like" motion while driving

A Cola/Mentos propulsion! So a few bottles bundled together and a nice particle system ;)

Hey! I was thinking graffiti sprayed around the vehicle.

Während wir heute mit dem Bierhelm unterwegs waren, kam uns die Idee zu einem Cocktailschirmchen :)

Angel Wings!

you should add a bike

TopHat!! Every game should have Abes Tophat!!

Hats? Like a baseball cap or a helmet?

Or maybe hands that stick out of the sides?

Light beacons? I could go on if you want XD

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